Saturday, June 16, 2007

My Dream Potting Shed

Happy GTS to all!

I was perusing some garden journals (I have LOTS of them!) and came across this
shed in Southern Living...Our Best Gardens (Spring 2006)
I don't know why I didn't notice this when I read it last year, but I have found
my future potting shed.

Notice in the photo the lean-to on the side of the shed? I think that's
my favorite part. For those of you who have sheds or would like to have one,
tell me what you think important features would be.

This plan is available @ ->
under "Gazebos & Sheds".


Beth said...

I absolutely love it! Now you've got me day-dreaming about the "perfect" shed design. I do want to get mine redone at some point. Running water, electricity, windows, a comfy chair, shelves for vases....

Sara said...

What a lovely looking potting shed. I think a chair near a window with a good view of the garden is a must.
Sara from farmingfriends

Carol said...

I'ld love to have a potting shed but my neighborhood covenants don't allow for outbuildings. But I can dream... I think the lean-to would be good, a little porch, running water and electricity for sure, maybe on the south facing side some windows to grow seedlings by. I'd want a comfortable oversized chair inside for reading and napping and some rocking chairs on the little porch. Oh, and plenty of room to hang all my hoes. That oughta do it!

Thanks for the chance to dream a little.

MrBrownThumb said...

You have good taste and I really like that but unless they make them pocket size I'll never have anywhere to put it.

Laura said...

I love the shed! I have a "shed" in my back yard, but I haven't done anything with it yet. I'm wanting to turn it into something like a sun room type thing. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

Lynn said...

Oh I love that shed!
I bet you could cover the lean-to sides in spring and make a hot house out of it if the sun is on the correct side.

I think you have chosen a great shed.

mine is up

gardenmomma (Chris) said...

I love the input so far... Yep, it's gotta have electricity (that would be in the form of an outdoor extension cord), running water (maybe one of those outdoor sink jobbies that I can hook a hose to?), windows...LOTS of windows, I'm thinking now of putting some antiques ones on hinges that I can open and close at will, a chair would be great, and the shelf for vases (that's a great idea...I have so many vases) Thanks for some great ideas, Beth & Sara. I know about those restrictions, Carol and I, too, will have to work with some rules (and I don't like to follow rules, sometimes!).
Thanks, Mr. BrownThumb, I don't know about taste, but I sure can copy other's taste! :) Let me know what you do with yours, Laura!
Lynn, making the lean to a semi hothouse would be a great idea.

Kate said...

I would add some flowerboxes under the windows that would have shutters painted in bright colours. I would want shelves of various heights on the interior walls and the like on the interior walls and hooks for hanging them.

A table with a bottom shelf would look good and be practical in the lean to!

This was fun ... oh, and I think I'd like a birdbath nearby too.

Jessica said...

My first requirement would be that I did not have to share it with all the "boy" stuff that is in my shed right now....I am currently squeezed onto a teeny tiny shelf.

Running water near it would be nice...

I love the little shed in the picture, I think that would be perfect!

Drew said...

Great shed.

Michelle said...

too funny! I've been saving that very same picture! Very nice!! LOL!! Have a great week, your gardens are really looking great! :)

gardenmomma (Chris) said...

Hi Kate, I agree flowerboxes would be cute, but I am abysmal at keeping potted plants alive! It would have to be filled with cactus, I'm afraid! :) Color is good. There is color combo that I've seen that I love...Sage green with cream and brick red (?) accents. My old shed was sage green and I just loved it. I have a potting bench that would be great under the lean to.

Oh, Jessica, I agree about the "boy stuff"!! It kept infiltrating my old one. Anything that will improve my garden is fine, otherwise, NOT!

Thanks, Drew, I think so, too.

Hi Michelle, that is so funny. Great minds think alike. If you get yours up before me, let me know. I love to copy!

Molly said...

I've been thinking quite a bit about what I want as I consider fixing up a former chicken coop for a garden shed. It should look utterly charming from the outside, of course. Good lighting, a nice workbench with room to store bins of seed starting mix, and potting soil underneath. Mine will have a cat door so that my outdoor kitties can make sure I don't end up with mice in my shed.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Too cute for words that potting shed, love the lean-to. If you want to know what I find important in a shed, have a look at mine. ;-)

Already a lot of excellent suggestions have been made by our fellow bloggers. ;-)

Ottawa Gardener said...

A potting shed? That would be tres chic of me. I do like sheds and I think my husband would like it more as finally all my plant aaahh??? stuff (I'm sure that's not the word that he would use) would not be in our pantry/garage/backporch/laundry room/tool room.

At the moment, my potting is done on the laundry room floor or while kneeling on grass.

Crafty Gardener said...

That is a fabulous shed to have in the garden. I don't have a shed, but would love one. I do have a garden workbench which is very close to the back door of the garage where I store everything.

Donna in Louisiana said...

OMG. I did a search for potting sheds and your blog came up. My blog name is very similar to yours. Through the Garden Arbor. I love that potting shed also.

Julie said... is a great idea I thought of for a garden shed! How about experimenting with a sedum roof on your shed? Or some type of succulent roof. How cool would that be? I would love to do it on my actual house, but it makes me too nervous!

Paulo McManus said...

What makes gardening a really nice hobby is the fact that it comes in different skills and areas that all equally interesting from pots, flowers and of course decorating garden sheds!