Thursday, March 3, 2016

Time Flies!

I found my sweet old blog after many years of absence!  Fast forward SIX years!

 I love these variegated petunias I find @ Calloway's every year!

Hung this door outside several years ago.  It's already getting rickety.

 Grandma's 'Flags" (Iris')

 Four O'Clocks!

 Porch Swing Pergola

 The Harbinger of Spring

 Another shot of my swing pergola!

 Water Barrel
 Honeysuckle vine grown from one sprig
from Nancy's garden.

 Irises from my garden

 Love these overalls from Silver Dollar City

 Backyard Wheelbarrow

Celeste Fig Leaf... got this tree at Maldanado's
in the Hill Country 

Cardinal feeder

 Front yard iris'

Bridal Wreath bush

Another shot of grandma's and A. Doris' iris'

Sweet bottle tree

 Baby girl tried her hand at gardening.
Better luck next time!  :)

I love these little guys! 

 The whole yard smells of this honeysuckle!

 Dressing up the porch swing!

Jerusalem Sage... RIP!  Lost last year.