Friday, June 15, 2007

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, June 2007

And a wonderful BLOOM DAY it is! All of my plants are so happy right now. That may be short lived, as it is becoming very warm very quickly. I am looking forward to visiting other blogs & see what they have in bloom. You can come on this Bloom Day garden tour with me by visiting: Carol @ MayDreamsGardens ->

My grandma's "shamrocks" (oxalis)

I enjoy the simple beauty of this Rock Rose's bloom

This butterfly weed must love where it's planted! It set seed before I could harvest them.
I wonder if I'll have baby butterfly weeds everywhere?? See the trumpet vine behind the butterfly weed? That is one plant I wouldn't replant. It is so invasive that I can hardly keep up with it.

This is my newly acquired Esmerelda plant. Everything I buy these days
is usually good for attracting either birds, butterflies, bees or hummingbirds.
I am told that Esmerelda means "Hope" in Spanish.

Lily of the Nile with the palest blue blooms. Behind it is a new Wax Myrtle.

Wheelbarrow full of Lantana. Hands down, this plant makes the neighborhood
butterflies the happiest of all the plants in my garden!

Bees love this!

My old dependable coneflower. I don't know why, but this is one of
my favorite flowers. Maybe it's because a dear gardening friend passed
it along to me when I was a new gardener?

The ever happy coreopsis...

I called this the happiest plant in my garden on my old blog.
It still is, but I can tell that the heat is taking it's toll.


Carol said...

Beatiful flowers, indeed you must be making a lot of butterflies very happy. June is a great month in all the gardens I've "visited" today.

Thanks for participating in Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

My butterfly weed is blooming also here in Iowa, there was a Monarch butterfly that visited it off and on all day long, since it is unusual for me to see any butterflies on the butterfly weed I was nicely surprised, but every time I got near it to take a picture, off it went, I finally gave up.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

What a wonderful butterfly paradise you have there Chris. Lovely flowers each and everyone of them.

BTW I didn't realize you had a new blog, I will change the link on mine so that I can find you again!

Kate said...

Your flowers look gorgeous ... I had to smile reading that Trumpet Vine is invasive - I didn't realise that. And here I've been wishing that I could grow one. The flowers are so cheerful.

I'm a big Coneflower fan too - when my son was little, I used to tell him the names of flowers. The only one he ever said was 'Rudbeckia'... he would point to Coneflowers and say 'Rudbeckia' because they looked alike to him. So when I see Coneflowers I think of this.

What I love is seeing the amazing variety of flowers you can grow... it doesn't look as if the heat has taken a huge toll yet! And here we seem to be getting rain every day. Very unusual to see the garden so lush.

Kylee said...

I absolutely LOVE coneflowers, too! They're so dependable and just downright pretty.

Andrea's Garden said...

hi, came across your blog by way of Kate's. Cannot believe your echinacea is already blooming. Mine is in beginning stages, though. Love that potting shed you picked. Good luck on the project. Andrea from Germany

Karkki said...

Is the happiest plant in your garden zebra mallow? It's lovely.

Anonymous said...