Saturday, November 10, 2007


Well, we had a couple of crisp Autumn days last week and leaves began to change and then, ***poof***, it was back to almost 90 degrees! My poor plants don't know WHAT to think! I hope you have had a great week and a wonderful GTS! Below are a jumble of photos that somewhat reveal my week...and the POT!

Remember me wishing for a garden gnome??? Well, she didn't magically appear,
but a few bucks and bribes did bring her around. All of those daffodils you see eventually got planted. I hope...

The reservoir hole and pot for my fountain. We got lots of holes dug on Saturday,
but none of the projects completed. Besides this hole, we dug holes for the arbor that will be in front of the screened porch and for a stained glass window that will hang in the garden. It should be cool when completed, but nothing much to photograph today.

The POT!
Here's the pot that I wrote about last week. I bet you were expecting bronze or gold the way I carried on, but it's a great pot. It's quite large, although you can't tell here. I'm guessing it's about four feet around at the widest point. The shine you see is from the flash; the color is a ruddy brick matte color. It has a wonderful patina. It will be awesome with water running out of it.

Though not gardening related...

this is our nephew, Jake with his coach after they won their playoff game. They are undefeated. I think he played well, considering I don't have a clue how this game is played. All I did is pray the entire time that someone didn't fall on him and crush him!!! He made the winning touchdown! :)

Way to go, Jake!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Field Trip! Dallas Farmer's Market

Hope everyone's having a wonderful GTS! Even better, since we get an extra hour. The downside is that it gets darker sooner and THAT makes me grumpy. Last week I wrote how I *might* work on getting a pot for a fountain and this is my field trip for the hunt to find one. I did find a beautiful one, but that's not what this post is about. The thrill is in the hunt !! Walk around Farmer's Market with me...

These guys and their dogs enjoying the gorgeous day.

One fruit stand in a sea of gazillions

Okay, okay...this is what I was REALLY here for, all the cute stuff in the shops!
Here's one idea for a pot fountain. It's not what I ended up choosing.

This bike is so cute. For a mere $199.99, it can be yours!
Guess I'll have to come visit it here. :)

Same shop that the bike was in. Can you imagine all this amazing stuff
under one roof? Not your typical 'farmer's market', huh?

One of the garden markets.
They have an HUGE inventory of plants.

Pots, pots and MORE pots. Aren't they wonderful?
But, I didn't find my pot here.

Tipsy pots. I was first introduced to these on the
Potting Shed Lady's blog.

On this very busy day, there was one brief moment where no one was
walking down this path. It was so pretty, free of all the people.

The pumpkin patch

Not the usual photo for a gardening blog. I don't EVEN like the city,
but I looked up from the market and here this was! It's pretty incredible.