Saturday, October 27, 2007

Happy Fall, Y'all...and Happy Green Thumb Sunday, too!

My new project this fall has been taking out appx. 60% of my front lawn and replacing it with a huge bed. It's more of a peninsula than an island, as it backs up to my walk path. A big challenge I am facing is that it's 25% shade and 75% sun. Towards the back (where the big Pin Oak stands, it's almost dense shade. In the front, lots of sun. I planted a Pond Cypress there. I went out looking for something small and multi trunked and came back with this puppy. I loved the wispy leaves and the way they moved in the wind. I also loved the 50% off sale! :) I will plant the circular area around the Cypress with loads of daffodils. Hope to get them in the ground tomorrow. See all the Liriope around the perimeter of the bed. There's a story there... I heard rain was coming in the next day so I decided to plant them up in the moonlight (at 11 p.m.!). As I was planting the last one, my legs begun stinging and burning. I was covered in fire ants. I have a gazillion bites on my right leg. Ugh!!!

Antique wheelbarrow filled with Autumn Ferns. They are so pretty.

I bought this Bear's Breech during a splurge in the Spring. It got so huge, it consumed my screened porch. Finally, I moved it off the porch into a shady area and promptly forgot about it. I went 'shopping' for plants in my back yard for my new front bed and found this surviving Bear's Breech in the middle of a bed of Mexican Petunia. Anything that tries that hard to live deserves a chance. It's now in the shady part of the bed.

A close up of the newest tree in our plant family. Isn't she the cutest thing??

I wish a plant gnome would show up tonight and put these puppies in the ground...

Bags of cedar mulch sit quietly in the background waiting to put the whole bed...
to bed! I think I can...I think I can....
I went to Shades of Green Nursery this afternoon looking to become inspired and decided that a wonderful fountain tucked in the bushes behind the Pin Oak would become a perfect addition. I started introducing the idea to my hubby slowly and, by golly, I think he's gonna buy the idea! I also bought a wonderful Mexican Bush Sage to out in front of the Lantana. I just love that place!